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You work hard for your money, so it makes sense that you want a good return on your savings. At CHROME, we think you deserve an interest rate that makes you say "wow." That's why we consistently offer among the highest rates available.

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Now’s a great time to put your money to work for you with a savings, individual retirement account (IRA), money market account or certificate. If you’ve been parking money on the sidelines waiting for a better return, jump in.

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Beef up your retirement, add to your kids’ college fund, put money away for a wedding, special vacation or down payment for a new home. With no minimum balance and no monthly maintenance fees, every dollar you deposit with CHROME grows.

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Account Rate APY*
6-month certificates 1.243% 1.25%
12-month certificates 1.736% 1.75%
18-month certificates  1.982%  2.00%
24-month certificates 1.835% 1.85%
36-month certificates 1.884% 1.90%
48-month certificates 2.081% 2.10%
60-month certificates 2.374% 2.40%

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates and Terms are subject to change without notification. Rates include all possible discounts. Rates are current as of 12/1/2017.

Fees or other conditions could reduce the earnings. Early withdrawal penalties apply. The penalty will, if necessary, be taken from the principal amount of the deposit. Dividend rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.