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Account Alerts

On the alert.

Set up alerts to get notified on your account balances, deposits and transaction activity! You can choose which account to get notified for, and how you choose to receive your alert; text, email, or app notification.

To set up:

  1. View the Accounts section of the dashboard, or select Accounts from the main app menu.
  2. Select an account belonging to the primary financial institution to bring up the account Details screen.
  3. Select Alert Preferences.
  4. Find the Deposit alerts section.
    An email alert is set for deposits by default.
  5. Choose a situation and follow the corresponding steps


    Corresponding Steps

    Add an alert

    1. In the Deposit section, select + Add alert.
    2. In the Notify by field, select Email, Text or In-app message.
    3. Select Save to save the alert.

    Edit an existing alert

    1. In the Deposit section, select Edit next to the deposit alert.
    2. Change the options as desired, and then select Save to save the changes.

    Delete an existing alert

    1. Select Edit next to the deposit alert you want to delete.
    2. Select Remove to delete the alert.