Business man talks with coworkers.


CHROME employees are a multi-talented crew. Our knowledge crosses many boundaries and can help you address a wide range of financial needs. Like the Greater Pittsburgh community we call home, we are a smart, friendly, diverse and neighborly bunch. And we’re all about service. You’ll see.

Board of Directors:

Bob Greek: Chair
Ted Stubenbordt: Vice Chair
Broc Sleek: Secretary
Robert Flanyak: Treasurer
Tim Blake: Director
Mary Ellen West: Director
Chuck Rogers: Director

Supervisory Committee:

Greg Madej: Chair
Mary Ellen West
Wendy Kingsland
Kelsey Beal
Eric J. Perrell

Management Team:

Robert Flanyak: President, Chief Executive Officer
Patricia Morrissey: Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Jim Naser: Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer
Eric Kirk: Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer
Tracy Barnabi: Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer