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Fraud Protection

Kasasa Protect

What is Kasasa Protect?

Kasasa Protect is a comprehensive identity fraud protection and restoration solution available from CHROME Federal Credit Union through our partnership with Kasasa. Kasasa account holders can receive this comprehensive solution at a special price of $7.99 per month. Non-Kasasa account holders can also sign up for this solution, but will pay the full price for the service of $8.99 per month.  

To sign-up for this service, you must call 724.228.2030 and speak with our CHROME Care Team, or stop into a branch. The fees are set up through ACH payments that will need to be approved by the member setting up the service.

 What is included in a Kasasa Protect Plan?

  • Credit Reporting  
  • Monthly Credit Score & Plotter  
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring  
  • Dark Web Monitoring  
  • Full-Service Identity Restoration  
  • Lost Wallet Protection  
  • Email Alerts / Credit Alerts  
  • 24/7 Dedicated Kasasa Protect Support Team 

Credit Reporting  gives the member complete access to their Experian credit report annually and organizes all the information in a member’s credit file into a single location. This could include: 
  • companies that have given you credit or loans
  • total amount of credit or loans
  • frequency and amount of payments
  • a list of companies who have asked to see your credit   
Why is this important? Reviewing your credit report regularly allows you to proactively manage your financial health and monitor your identity.  

Monthly Credit Score & Plotter outlines how a member’s credit score changes over time, while  communicating the factors that caused any shifts. That way, a member is able to  understand what action to take in order to improve their credit score. 

Why is this important? Lenders use credit score as an estimate of how likely you are to pay back loans or services. Potential employers use credit scores to predict how dependable you may be.  

It’s important to note that federal law mandates that everyone has the right to ask for a copy of their credit report from each nationwide reporting company once per year for free. However, it does not require that those same companies share credit scores for free.  

24/7 Credit Monitoring checks and alerts members to new activity or changes in their credit report, including credit inquiries, delinquencies, bankruptcies, new  loans, and more. 

Why is this important? The opening of lines of credit is a very common and costly form of identity theft, making credit monitoring the fastest and simplest way to guard against identity-related fraudulent activity.  

Full-Service Identity Restoration offers access to certified specialists that go above the traditional restoration process by offering robust help and knowledge in restoring even non-credit related items, such as payday loans, IRS, DMV, and court records that can inhibit your score. The Kasasa Protect specialists will provide follow-up and dispute resolution in an efficient and timely manner.  

Why is this important?  This feature takes the burden off the member in the event that their identity is stolen.  

Lost Wallet Protection is there should a member lose their wallet or have it stolen, a restoration specialist will be able to assist you with cancellation and replacement of documents. This includes:
  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • driver’s licenses
  • social security cards
  • insurance cards
  • passports
  • military identification cards
  • and even traveler’s checks 

Why is this important? During a time of heightened stress, you will have a dedicated specialist available every step of the way.  

Dark Web Monitoring  is proprietary technology that monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points to proactively detect compromised or stolen personally identifiable  information. This information is analyzed in real time on an international level,  regardless of country or language.  

Why is this important? Criminals trade identities on the dark web. Dark Web Monitoring sorts through and reports on data in real time, giving users the opportunity to react quickly and take the necessary steps to protect themselves.  

It can monitor:  

  • Social Security Number
  • Phone Numbers
  • Banking Account and Routing Numbers
  • Medical Identification Numbers
  • Drivers License
  • Email Address
  • Credit & Debit Card Numbers

Call 724.228.2030, email, or visit a CHROME branch to get started with Kasasa Protect.

*Kasasa Protect services are provided for a monthly fee of $8.99, or $7.99 if you are a Kasasa account holder. Kasasa Protect is available to a secondary account holder listed on a joint account for an additional monthly fee of $5.99. Fee(s) will be automatically debited from your account on the third (3rd) of each month. Fee(s) begin on the third (3rd) of the month following your enrollment date and will end one (1) day after CHROME has processed your cancellation request.

Once your Kasasa Protect is activated, you will log into the Kasasa Protect portal to verify your identity. Once your identity is verified, you will be able to view:

  • Your Current Credit Score
  • Your Monthly Credit Score & Plotter
  • Your Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • The Full-Service Identity Restoration Tool
  • Dark Web Monitoring*

Credit Monitoring Alerts: Once enrolled in Kasasa Protect, you will begin receiving email alerts on your credit report. If an alert is issued, you will log into the portal to access the details specific to the alert.  

Full Service Identity Restoration: If you believe that you’ve fallen victim to identity theft and would like to use the restoration service, you will only need to contact a restoration specialist at 888-483-3301 (toll-free).  

Lost Wallet Protection: The Kasasa Protect member can simply contact a restoration specialist at 888-483-3301 (toll free) to utilize the service. 

*To fully take advantage of the Dark Web Monitoring tool, the user will log into the Kasasa Protect portal to enter the information they would like monitored. Once that data is entered, they will receive alerts if their information has been found.

Key Contact Info  
Kasasa Protect services  
Online Portal:  
Support Phone Number: 888-483-3301

Credit Monitoring 

Q: What should a member do if they receive an alert for something that didn’t  happen?  

A: If a Kasasa Protect user sees a credit alert that is not accurate, they should contact Kasasa Protect Support Services at 888-483-3301 (toll-free).  

Q: How often is a member’s credit monitored? 

A: A credit bureau file is monitored daily and any alerts triggered as a result of new inquiries and/or adjustments made to a credit file are sent to you via email. 

Credit Score & Plotter  

Q: What would cause a big credit score change from one month to the next?
A: Every reported item on a person’s credit score is used to calculate their score. A significant score change from the previous month can be caused by:
  • An account not reported for the month
  • An item has been added (or removed) from their report
  • Drastic changes in account balances
  • New lines of credit
Q: How many months does Score Plotter show?  

A: Score Plotter tracks and displays up to 12 months worth of previous credit  scores. On month (1) of the service, the member will only see one credit score, but by month 6, the member will have 6 credit scores plotted.  

Q: Is the credit score that Score Plotter plots related to a specific bureau? 

A: Yes. Score Plotter tracks Experian credit scores.  

Q: What is the VantageScore Credit Score? 
A: This credit score is calculated using credit files at all three national reporting  companies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).  

Dark Web Monitoring 

Q: What information does a member enter in the Medical Identities field? 
A: Enter the Member ID number as it appears on their health insurance card.  

Q: Where does Dark Web Monitoring look for potentially compromised data? 

A: Dark Web Monitoring scans online forums, websites, web pages, IRC channels,  refined Personally Identifiable Information (PII) search engine queries, Twitter feeds, P2P sources, hidden and anonymous web services, malware samples, botnets, and torrent sources.  

Q: What time range does my initial Dark Web Monitoring service report cover?  

A: Your first Dark Web Monitoring service report includes data from the previous 8  years.

Q: What does it mean when a member receives an alert?  

A: An alert means that our surveillance technology has discovered online information that is a match to the user’s monitored identity elements.  

Q: What if the alert references only some of the personal information the Dark  Web Monitoring service is tracking? 
A: Even if some but not all of the member’s personal information has been detected  via Dark Web Monitoring, it is recommended that they contact the appropriate  institution to have their account information changed or change it themselves if  possible - for instance, an email password.

Q: Is the buying and selling of personal information online illegal?  
A: This activity is illegal in the United States, but other countries do not necessarily  have the same laws related to cyber-crime. U.S. regulatory agencies have no  jurisdiction to prosecute fraudsters acting on websites and chat rooms located in  other countries.  
Q: Can a member still become a victim of identity theft even though they’re  enrolled in Dark Web Monitoring service? 
A: By alerting the member to compromised personal information sooner, the Dark  Web Monitoring service enables prevention or quick resolution should an identity  theft incident occur and in turn, dramatically reduces their susceptibility 10 to  identity theft. Unfortunately, no identity protection tool can prevent identity theft altogether.  

Lost Wallet Service   

Q: Is this service an extra charge? 

A: Lost Wallet is included with your Kasasa Protect service, and there are no extra  fees.  

Q: Should a member notify Kasasa Protect before traveling?

A: It's not necessary that a member contact Kasasa Protect before traveling. If  you’re out of town and an incident occurs, the following will happen:  
  • Out of state: Kasasa Protect will help cancel cards and assist in contacting your state’s DMV office to replace your identification.  
  • Traveling by air: Kasasa Protect will provide additional steps for your flight. A police report may be needed as documentation for a lost or stolen wallet.  
  • Traveling outside of the United States: Kasasa Protect will provide the U.S. Embassy or Consulate office contact information for passport  replacement.  
Q: I’m not sure what was in my wallet. Can CHROME FCU notify my financial institution and cancel all of  my cards? 
A: For your security, we as your financial institution will speak only with the account holder. Kasasa Protect will assist in reviewing your account with you for any other cards that were possibly in your wallet,  and contact any other appropriate financial institutions.