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Fraud Protection

Kasasa Protect

Kasasa Protect* is an optional Identity Fraud Protection and Restoration Service that includes identity theft, fraud protection and breach resolution services through a separate, third party that can be added to your Kasasa checking account.

Services include:

  • Credit Services
    • Annual credit reports from Experian
    • Monthly credit score
    • A 12 month history visual of your credit scores from Experian
  • Monitoring Services
    • Monitors your name, address, Social Security number (SSN) across public records
    • Monitors social networks, chat rooms and black market websites for personally identifiable information including Social Security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, account and routing numbers, credit and debit cards, and medical identification numbers
    • Monitors and provides an email or text alert if credit inquiries, new lines of credit, derogatory credit, name changes or changes in address are detected in your credit file
    • Includes the ability to place or release credit freezes on your credit report
  • Resolution Services
    • Professional Identity Recovery Specialists readily available to assist you with identifying, disputing, expunging fraudulent activities, cancellation and replacement for lost or stolen cards and personal documents

Call or visit a CHROME branch to get started with Kasasa Protect.

*Kasasa Protect services are provided for a monthly fee of $8.99, or $7.99 if you are a Kasasa account holder. Kasasa Protect is available to a secondary account holder listed on a joint account for an additional monthly fee of $5.99. Fee(s) will be automatically debited from your account on the third (3rd) of each month. Fee(s) begin on the third (3rd) of the month following your enrollment date and will end one (1) day after CHROME has processed your cancellation request.