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Money Market Accounts

CHROME FCU Money Market Accounts

Save for a rainy day, a sunny vacation, and everything in between.

Watch your savings grow thanks to competitive rates and the freedom to access your funds whenever needed. Our Money Market Accounts offer the perfect way to achieve your financial goals. Explore our account options below to find the right fit for your savings style.

Grow Your Savings With These Money Market Benefits

  • Higher Interest Rates: Watch your savings grow faster with higher interest rates than a traditional savings account.
  • Flexible Access: Access your funds when needed with convenient withdrawal and transfer options.
  • Compounded Dividends: Earn growing returns on your money as your dividends themselves earn more dividends—you’ll see your money snowball!
  • Safe and Secure: The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) provides up to $250,000 in federal insurance for each account.

Choose Between Two Different Money Market Accounts

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Premium Money Market Account

Invest confidently and enjoy flexible banking features designed to help your money grow.

  • Start strong with a $10,000 investment: Earn competitive interest rates that put your savings to work. (Consumer accounts only).
  • Maximize your earnings: Avoid the $7.50 monthly service fee by maintaining a $10,000 average balance.
  • Bank anytime, anywhere: Enjoy the convenience of CHROME 24 Digital Banking.
  • Accelerate your growth: Watch your savings expand with dividends compounded and credited monthly.
  • Enjoy financial freedom: Benefit from unlimited transactions each month.
  • Effortless money management: Transfer funds between accounts with ease.
  • Check current rates or calculate earned dividends



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Money Market Account

Experience hassle-free savings with competitive rates and convenient digital account management.

  • Zero barriers to start: No minimums mean your savings journey begins immediately.
  • Keep more of what you earn: No fees maximize your returns.
  • Banking on your terms: Manage your money anytime with CHROME 24 Digital Banking.
  • Compounding growth: Dividends compounded monthly boost your balance.
  • Move your money freely: Unlimited transactions for ultimate flexibility.
  • Seamless transfers: Shift funds between accounts with ease.
  • Check current rates or calculate earned dividends.



Rates That Reward You

Account Options
Money Market
Premium Money Market
Annual Percentage Rate (APY) 0.05% APY* 0.15% APY* 0.25% APY*
Minimum Deposit to Open N/A
No Monthly Maintenance Fee $0
x x
Surcharge Free ATM Network Nationwide x

Shared Branch Network Nationwide
x x x
Available to Open in the Name of a Trust (Learn about Trusts) x
Monthly Compounded Dividends

Open an Account Open an Account Open an Account
*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rates and Terms are subject to change without notification. Rates include all possible discounts. Rates current as of 06/26/2024. **An average daily balance of $10,000 is required to avoid a $7.50 monthly maintenance fee.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started!

  1. Click or Visit: Click the link below to open a regular Money Market Account online. Ask questions and open a money market account by scheduling an appointment with a CHROME team member.
  2. Fund Your Account (or not): The Premium Money Market Account requires a minimum $10,000 opening balance. The regular Money Market Account has no minimum opening deposit or minimum balance requirements.
  3. Start Saving and Earning: Set up automatic transfers from your checking or savings account for hands-free account growth. Watch your money grow with dividends compounded and credited monthly!


“I have been using CHROME FCU for a few years now. This morning, I met with Katie to set up a money market and certificate account. Katie went above and beyond to understand what my financial goals are and to make suggestions based on my goals. I highly recommend using CHROME for all your banking needs!”

- Dave S., Washington, PA

Money Market Accounts FAQs

A money market account is a type of savings account offered by banks and financial institutions. These accounts typically offer higher interest rates than regular savings accounts but often come with additional requirements, such as minimum deposits or withdrawal limits.
Money market accounts held at credit unions are insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution. This means your funds are protected.
While similar in name, money market accounts and money market mutual funds are different financial products. Money market accounts are a type of savings account offered by banks and credit unions. They typically offer a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts but may have withdrawal limitations.

Money market mutual funds are mutual funds that invest in low-risk, short-term debt securities. Money market mutual funds are not FDIC insured, therefore there is a small risk that you could lose money invested in a money market mutual fund.
Market conditions generally fluctuate based on broader economic factors. Different banks or credit unions may offer varying APYs. Larger balances sometimes earn higher interest rates.
Money market accounts provide higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. They also offer more liquidity and accessibility than certificates, which restrict access to funds for a set time period. Additionally, money market accounts allow you to write checks against your balance. These features make money market accounts attractive for earning strong returns while maintaining flexibility.

Maximize Your Savings Potential

Elevate your savings strategy with a smart and convenient solution. Experience the benefits of competitive rates, compound dividends, and flexible withdrawals. Open an account today and start growing your wealth!