CHROME Employees outside a vehicle holding red cards, a bag, and wearing orange capes, smiling for a photo.

CHROME FCU helps national kindness campaign, 'Best Day Ever'


CHROME FCU joined 100 community credit unions and banks across the country as part of a collective of local events, creating nationwide attention. This is the first-time community financial institutions have come together for such an event, demonstrating their local impact, emphasis on community, kindness, and realizing the scale of their network.


CHROME FCU, in partnership withKasasa and Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine, held Southwestern PA’s Best Day Ever, the local chapter of a collective of events that took place across the country in a nationwide kindness campaign. CHROME employees took to the streets along with community financial institutions from coast to coast, with the shared goal of reaching 100,000 acts of kindness in 1 day, which kicked off November 3.

  • CHROME employees connected with over 300 community members from 9am-2pm on November 3 delivering different gestures of kindness.

  • Kindness locations included Canonsburg Shop N’ Save, Washington Crown Center/Rural King, Downtown Washington Business District, Sheetz in Wexford, and Washington PetSmart. Employees at businesses and organizations such as Blueprints, Kouzina Cafe, Keystone Hardware, Observer-Reporter, Primrose School Wexford, Vintage Grace Boutique, and Art on the Avenue were also included.

  • 300 lucky pennies, $500 in $5 bills, Sarris Candies, carnations and more were handed out to unsuspecting community members.

When asking CEO & President of CHROME FCU, Robert Flanyak, about the event, he said, “Look, kindness is our thing! We try to spread Random Acts of Kindness, or as we call them RAKs, all year around. Every Friday in our team huddle, we all share what we call WOW moments and RAK stories that happened during the week at the branches, with members, and in the community. What made ‘Best Day Ever’ special was the chance to partner with other financial institutions, Kasasa, and Charlie Rocket, to do what we always do on a national scale. This was an opportunity for us to spread a little positivity in our little part of the world.”Red envelope with a card inside that says "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - AESOP. With two pennies taped to the side that say Find a penny, pick it up. All day long have good luck. Pass it on... #RandomActsofKindness #KasasaLove

CHROME employees wore capes as they went out in shifts to hand out special cards that had kindness quotes and either a penny for luck, and one to pass it on, or $5 to treat themselves for a personal act of kindness. Director of Marketing at CHROME, Jasmine Hughes said, “It didn’t take long to see that our acts of kindness were already multiplying from the moment we passed on the kindness. At Shop N’ Save, people were passing their $5 on to the person behind them, and the pay it forward mentality took root. So our teams delivered kindness to over 300 people in our community, but that kindness was replicating right in front of us! It is no surprise that at the end of the weekend, the Kasasa Love tracker showed over 300,000 acts of kindness nationwide.”

Kasasa, which offers free reward checking accounts exclusively at community banks and credit unions, and Charlie Rocket, founder of the non-profit Dream Machine, designed the event as a way to demonstrate community financial institutions like CHROME Federal Credit Union’s commitment to the people in their communities. Community financial institutions preserve the vital human connection that is increasingly disappearing in the world of finance. This event also highlighted the scale of the Kasasa network of community credit unions and banks, which combined, represents the fourth largest branch banking network in the country.

“Community Financial Institutions don’t have $2 billion marketing budgets like the Wells Fargo and Chases of the world,” said Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “However, they show up on an individual level, every day for the people in their communities. This event demonstrated how they are a vital part of their local economies and that one-on-one personal interactions matter. Pair this human connection with world class Kasasa products and you have something mega banks can’t touch. Together, we’re on a mission to change where Americans banks...back home.”

Group photos of local businesses and organizations - Vintage Grace Boutique, Blueprints, and Arts on the Avenue - receiving acts of kindness from CHROME employees Group photos of CHROME employees and community members in Downtown Washington performing acts of kindness for Best Day Ever Group photos of CHROME employees gifting kindness cards outside of Washington PetSmart and Giant Eagle parking lots Best Day Ever photo of man wearing cape that says CHROME Federal Credit Union holding an envelope in front of the CHROME FCU sign and a message that says 100,000 Acts of Kindness in 1 Day!


See more photos from the day on CHROME's Facebook page.

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