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Debit MasterCard

Your CHROME Debit Card has arrived!

Meet the CHROME Debit Card with Contactless Payment.
Your new debit card will offer:
  • Contactless payments 
  • Enhanced security and fraud alerts
  • More card controls and alerts in online & mobile banking
  • Access to 37,000 ATMs in the surcharge-free network nationwide
  • Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)

Activating Your Card & Setting Your PIN

  1. Call 866.985.2273, when prompted, enter your new card number.
  2. Enter the last four digitals of your SSN.
  3. Enter the CVV number & expiration date on back of the card.
  4. Set your new PIN.*
  5. Remove the sticker & sign the back.
*You current PIN will not automatically work with your new card. During the activation call, you will stay on the line to input a new PIN before using.

Using Your Card with Contactless Payments

A secure and simple way to pay! With a simple tap, your new card will keep you moving through the checkout lines.
Make contactless payments in 3 Easy Steps: 
  1. Look: Find the Contactless Symbol at checkout.
  2. Tap: Simply tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal.
  3. Go: Your payment is processed in seconds!
1. Look  2. Tap  3. Go
*The merchant may ask you to sign or enter your PIN. The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

Don't forget to update!

Once your new card is activated:
  • Update your Automatic Payments with your new card information.
  • Upload your new card(s) into Mobile Wallet and delete your old cards.

Have questions? Call us at 724.228.2030 and we’ll be happy to help.

Setting Up Account Alerts

Account Alerts is a great way to stay on top of your account.
  • Receive a text message or e-mail when your card is used.
  • Set custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts for:
    • Purchases over a selected amount
    • Online purchases
    • Declined purchases  
      Account Alerts Instructions 
Q: Why am I receiving a new debit Mastercard?

A: The new CHROME debit cards will look the same but now have contactless payment and new enhanced security features including fraud text alerts.

Q: What should I do once I receive my new card?

A: Upon receipt, activate your debit card and set your PIN by calling 866.985.2273. You will need to call from a phone number you have on file with CHROME. DO NOT start using your new card until October 11, 2023. Please DO NOT dispose of your current card until after October 11, 2023.

Q: When can I activate my new debit card?
A: You can activate your new card immediately upon receipt but it cannot be used until October 11, 2023.
Q: Will my PIN change?
A: Yes, when you call to activate your new card you will also be instructed to create a PIN. You will not be able to use your new card until you have set your PIN.
Q: Can my PIN be the same as my old card?
A: Yes, but you will still need to call the number on the label to establish your PIN when activating the new card.
Q: Will I have to update my Auto Pay accounts?

A: Yes. Because you have a new card number, CVV and expiration date, after October 10, you will have to update any auto pay accounts/recurring payments you currently have with this information.

Q: What is contactless payment?

A: Contactless payment is a method of paying for something by tapping or waving your card over a reader. It allows you to make secure payments without having to enter your PIN.

Q: Will I be charged for using contactless payments with my new debit card?

A: There are no fees from CHROME associated with using the new contactless payment feature. 

Q: Will I have to update my Bill Pay account in the CHROME Mobile App?
A: No. Your Bill Pay is set up to process through your account and not from a debit card, so you will not need to change anything here!
Q: If I lose my new debit card or if it is stolen, will there be a replacement fee?

A: Yes, there is a $10 replacement fee, $50 for overnight replacement.

Q: Will my daily limits change?

A: No, daily limits will remain the same. Members can withdraw up to $500 per day from ATMs and can spend up to $2,000 on point-of-sale transactions per day.

Q: What should I do with my CURRENT debit card?

A: Once your new CHROME debit card is activated and working, you can destroy, shred or return to any branch for destruction beginning October 11, 2023.

Q: What is the difference between my CHROME Debit and my CHROME Credit Card?

A: Debit is directly linked to your checking account. When you use your Debit card the funds are withdrawn from your checking account. The CHROME Credit Card allows you to borrow money and repay later.

Q: If my name is printed incorrectly on my new debit card, who can I call to fix it?
A: All names on your new debit card should match the name on your current debit card. If the name is incorrect on your new debit card, please contact CHROME Care at 724.228.2030 or visit a branch near you.